Wellness for Women

Health is more than just your physical appearance, it is your mental, emotional & spiritual health as well.

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At La Rouge, we look to enhance your radiance from within & discover the meaning of living well.

Wellness for Women

Learn to eat Healthier

Our 21-Day Meal Plans have been designed with easy-to-follow instructions and steps you can use for the rest of your life.

We don’t need you to change your diet, but rather want to offer you new insights on how small changes can help you achieve your goals.

Meal Plans are available for all Classic Meat Lovers, Vegetarians and Plant Based lifestyles. 

Purchase a Meal Plan and Receive a  FREE 1-Day Reset Detox program

Lifestyle programs

Give me more

Looking for something specific or tailored to your goals … browse through our Lifestyle Programs & Packages.

Each program is carefully designed using specific health products to accurately assist you in taking steps toward better health. 

La Rouge is here for you, to support and empower you every step of the way.

Not sure where to start… Contact Us at nadja@larouge.co.za

Wellness for women Supplements

Gear up your health

We offer 100% natural supplements and superfoods to boost your daily nutritional intake to optimize your health.

Sold individually or packaged with complimentary products tailored for the best results.

All our products are plant-based and sourced responsibly.

Why not give your body the very best?!

Free Delivery on Selected Product Packages