Press Poles


Our Dance poles made to custom height. Simple Press to ceiling design, no drilling necessary. Suitable for home use.

Install and take down in minutes. 


Our Press to ceiling design is suitable for any Home, however it needs to press up against a solid ceiling. i.e concrete, beam or ceiling board directly under a beam.

Measure the exact floor to ceiling height. If the height exceeds 3m, we recommend securing the pole to the ceiling or floor for extra safety.

Available in various sizes and colours & can be set to both spinning & stationary

Please allow 15-21 working days lead time (if you are ordering a pole colour other than black, please allow for an additional 2-3 working days)

Nationwide Delivery(outlined areas) is included & installation is only available in JHB

Once your purchase has been made one of our sales team will be in contact via email.

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!
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