Classic Meal Plan


Meal Plan includes:

  1. Meal Plan
  2. Recipe Booklet
  3. Grocery List
  4. Food Diary
  5. Eating Well Info Booklet

Choosing our Meal Plans means you are well on your way to changing your life quite wonderfully through eating healthy foods, that are nutritious and full of flavor. Our Meal Plan is low carb and high in good quality protein so, no need to worry about if you are getting in “enough”.

Fresh raw foods, healthy faux grains, live cultured foods, superfoods and high-quality supplements are the main objective of Our Meal Plan. Make sure to find some sort of balance between every day meals and change things around to suit your everyday life.

Everyone’s body will adjust differently but if you follow the steps outlined in our meal plan, you will see results. It may take weeks or months so do not become discouraged – stay focused on all the positive on changes you are making, and the rest will come in good time. Make this as enjoyable as possible for yourself – no need to feel any pressure.

Your Downloads consist of the following Booklets:

Your Meal Plan

Your Meal Plan is set out exactly as we expect you to follow it – we know it will be challenging at first, but it will all be worth it, read through the Meal Plan bit by bit piece by piece and take your time in following the steps.

Recipe Booklet

Use this in conjunction with your Meal Plan, it has everything you need to thrive. As you go you will find the recipes you love and the ones you don’t love so much, either way take what you need from it and make it work, be creative, have fun & dare to explore…….

Grocery List

We have provided you with an extensive food groups grocery list to use as an interchangeable option for the food items listed within your recipes. You will find that everyone’s pallet is different, so it is therefore important to make each recipe that you try good for you, if you don’t like a particular kind of food, don’t eat it, you need to love what you eat every day or else it will never carry through.

Food Diary

We REALLY want you to succeed on the journey to better health – so we have provided you with an extensive Food Diary so that you can enjoy the experience of tracking how you eat on a daily. The more aware of how it is you eat the more room you create for change.

Eating Well Info Booklet

This booklet contains some lovely information on how to make good food choices as-well as what healthy lifestyle food choices are all about. Read the Eating Well booklet when you have some time so that your knowledge about healthy foods expands and creates more awareness through the world of food, always be aware of the fact that as you grow you will change, go with the flow of things, make this fun for yourself.

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