Flex Master Class – Driver

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Introduction to Flex Master Class

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I am really enjoying the flex master class module. Tamsin really knows her stuff. The classes are challenging yet fun. Even though she is insanely flexible, the classes are for all people with any level of flexibility. She breaks down the moves and sequences, so it is very easy to follow safely. This is really important to me as a lot of places don’t stretch safely which can lead to various injuries. It is so rewarding to see your progress when you follow the classes on a regular basis. Even though your flexibility improves as you follow the classes you can still go back and do all the classes over and over again and still find value from it. I love that I can fit it in anytime during my busy work day. Great value for money. I would highly recommend.


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  • 4 modules
  • 4 lessons per module (16 lessons)
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