Frequently Asked Questions

all skill levelsHow often should I attend classes to progress?

It takes about 10 weeks to learn a new skill physically. We recommend you do the classes twice a week, more is not necessary, as you will need to give your body time to assimilate the new information. To complete Pole Basix (Level 1), would take 3-9months, depending on your level of strength and dedication.  Once you have completed the required movements of Pole Basix, you will then join the Pole Trix class. 

The Pole Trix class is a lot tougher and more advanced. The moves are limitless in Pole Trix, so each week you will be taught new moves. As the moves are a lot trickier, it might take a while for you to master. From a fitness perspective, you can come as often as you like. The longer you do the classes, the better, as you will only become proficient at any sport through practice, practice, practice.

I suffer from lower back problems.
Can I still do the classes?

Yes. The classes focus on the hip and lower back area which gets the blood flow going. Ladies tend to find relief with the classes. You are advised, however, to listen to your body and your doctor. If it hurts, don't do it. There may be one or two moves that are strenuous on your lower back, so be aware and listen to your body. Ladies with neck and knee injuries are advised to take it easy.

Do you teach us how to strip?

No. Our classes are strictly fitness orientated. We teach you how to dance sensually, how to get fit, how to do tricks on the pole and of course how to Release your Inner Goddess. Our focus is to ensure that our students are comfortable and relaxed in a safe enviroment. We teach dance fitness aimed at building confidence, not stripping. In our teachings, we do include the use of props, but there is no nudity in any way.

Do I need to be fit and / or have dancing experience?

It is not necessary to be fit. You may find some of the exercises strenuous because you will be working your whole body. You will work muscles you didn't know you had. If you are already fit, it is complementary to other forms of exercise. Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain or are tired. This type of dancing is completely new to everyone, even girls who have done dancing before. The moves are often slow, so you will have time to learn them and have lots of practice. The difficulty is not in learning the moves but in allowing yourself to feel sexy.  


Never, the ages range from 18 – 60 and we accommodate all women of all sizes and from all walks of life. Pole dancing is a workout and will help you shift some of the weight, however you can attend the fitness classes that we have on offer until such time as you are comfortable and strong enough to join the Pole Dance classes. Remember we are here for you every step of the way. You may also consider joining the La Rouge 12 Week Weight-loss & Wellness Program to assist you through your new life changing experience.


Pole dancing takes a little while to master, once you have developed a little bit of strength everything will start to become easier. You need to be patient with your body and not compare yourself to anyone else. Some moves may be harder for you than others and if we can we will give you an alternative to practice instead. It is also completely normal to be nervous for your first class. Being nervous makes you sweat a bit more so your grip will not be the best but the next time you come to class you will know what to expect and you won’t be as nervous.


Like with any sport form there is always a possibility of getting injured. You will move at your own pace in the class giving your body time to develop the strength required. From pole dancing you will get bruises and some pole burn but it’s a small price to pay for all the other benefits of the dance classes. The other fitness classes may also cause some minor bruising but you will get stronger and your abilities will improve and eventually bruises will be a thing of the past.


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